Live Your Best Story

I have some dear friends who own a tiny-house coffee shop they named Story because they love the idea that everyone has a story worth sharing, from the stories of them pursuing this coffee shop dream, traversing the country in a tiny house with their children, and going to competitions along their way to learn … Continue reading Live Your Best Story


Not Lemonade

When life hands you lemons, don't make lemonade, chuck them back and go sit in the office playing your "new" 130 year old-ish copy of a Stradiuarius... Because making lemonade is a sticky proposition and the internet provides free copies of the most excellent classical scores anyway.

On Charlottsville

I spent hours Saturday watching different news organizations live stream the buildup to what eventually took place during the rally and counter protest in Charlottesville, Virginia. Yesterday morning I awoke to a newsfeed filled with disgust at what had taken place, a disgust that began calling for boycotts, protests, petitions, and actions purportedly to fight … Continue reading On Charlottsville