Beauty in Brokenness

Isn't it amazing how people, ideas, inspirations, and things come back from your past to you when you least expect them to but somehow always exactly when you need them? Feeling tired from and somewhat discouraged about a great many things, including the last surgery, this video (which I had not seen before today) appeared … Continue reading Beauty in Brokenness


Voting for Badass: a Post-Surgical Update

I've had so many kind remarks and messages from all over the world hoping to hear good things about the success of last night's surgery that I felt like it was important to reach out sooner rather than later. I'm so close to my surgeon after going through everything I've gone through with him and … Continue reading Voting for Badass: a Post-Surgical Update

Reblog: Sad for a Day

I feel the same way, wrapped in my trench coat, umbrella in hand, rain boots on toes.

I tripped over a Stone.

I think I like rain, a simple shower… I love the feeling I get as I hold my umbrella listening to the drops on the tent I have inverted over my head. Coat collar up and tucked into a scarf I tie around my neck to provide a little extra warmth, a little extra protection from the coldness of the rain.

It is a simple delight I take in a quiet, cool rainy day that I want to have with me all the time. I want to find that feeling and hold onto it for the days that do not offer soft rain and my heart feels like it will break. I want to feel secure like I do with that scarf tied up around my coat collar even when it is not there. I am filled with anxiety instead of security. Sadness instead of joy. Empty without delight. There will be no cool rain today.

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