About the Scrivener

My name Gwendolyn.

Sassy. Classy. A bit smart-assy. Flamingo on the mend. Pointe shoe addict. Heel and handbag connoisseur. Lover of big hats. Tactical •itch. Tea snob. Rare bird. A baby pegasus unicorn kind of patient on the journey to health and healing. Blogger. Master teacher. “I don’t need a pattern for that” seamstress. Novice watercolor painter. Wildly intelligent and witty not-quite-starving writer who strings everything together with cheap cuss words.

In all things, I’d rather be on a beach someplace with sand in my bum and a tropical drink in hand listening to the waves breaking or sitting in a rocking chair on the porch of some home nestled in live oak and Georgia Pines someplace in Georgia or South Carolina, sippin’ sweet tea, and listening to the cicadas.

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