About the Scrivener

My name Gwendolyn.

Sassy. Classy. A bit smart-assy. Flamingo on the mend. Pointe shoe addict. Heel and handbag connoisseur. Tactical •itch. Tea snob. Rare bird. A one of a kind patient on the journey to health and healing. Blogger. Master teacher. Gryffindor Vulcan who would have been in the Rebel Alliance (cue twitching in 3 fandoms). “I don’t need a pattern for that” seamstress. Novice watercolor painter. Wildly intelligent and witty not-quite-starving writer who strings everything together with cheap cuss words.

I currently live on the western slope of the ravishing Rocky Mountains and I can’t decide which is more spectacular: the sun reflecting off the high rocky peaks at sunrise or the last rays of sunlight shining between the clouds and the peaks illuminating the foothills below at sunset.

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