About the Scrivener

GwenMy name Gwendolyn Cedeño. I’m the wife to an amazing husband of five years, and I am the fur-mamma to three cats and two service dogs. We have had ten addresses since saying “I do” and there are days when I struggle to remember which zip code is the right one for where we are now. When we first got married, we started out with four healthy legs between the two of us, but now we are down to two legs of flesh-and-bone and five prosthetics of carbon fiber and amazing engineering, although none of them are mine. We currently live on the western slope of the ravishing Rocky Mountains in Colorado, and I can’t decide which is more spectacular: the sun reflecting off the high rocky peaks at sunrise or the last rays of sunlight shining between the clouds and the peaks illuminating the foothills below at sunset. Aside from being a (not quite starving) aspiring writer, I am also a master teacher (K-8th), a not-quite iron chef, a Gryffindor with a flamingo patronus, a marginal housekeeper (until I watch a few episodes of Hoarders), an “I don’t need a pattern for that” seamstress, a novice watercolor painter, an avid tea snob, and an adult ballerina.